Balloon dilation randomized controlled trial 

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Long-term outcomes of balloon dilation demonstrate durable improvement for the treatment of Eustachian tube dysfunction (ETD)1

A recently published clinical study demonstrates Eustachian tube balloon dilation results in long-term improvement for patients with persistent Eustachian tube dysfunction.

Data demonstrated:

  • Over a mean of 29 months of follow-up, balloon dilation participants maintained the initial significant improvements over baseline using ETDQ-7 scores for symptom severity, -2.5±1.15 (47) P<0.00011
  • 83.0% of patients were satisfied with the procedure; 87.2% would recommend the procedure

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1.  Meyer TA, O’Malley EM, Cutler JL, et al. Long-term outcomes of balloon dilation for persistent Eustachian tube dysfunction. Otol Neurotol 2019; 40:DOI:10.1097/MAO.000000000000Z376.


XprESS ENT dilation system indications for use: To access and treat the maxillary ostia/ethmoid infundibula in patients 2 years and older, and frontal ostia/recesses and sphenoid sinus ostia in patients 12 years and older using a transnasal approach. The bony sinus outflow tracts are remodeled by balloon displacement of adjacent bone and paranasal sinus structures. To dilate the cartilaginous portion of the Eustachian tube for treating persistent Eustachian tube dysfunction in patients 18 years and older using a transnasal approach.

Please see Instructions for Use (IFU) for a complete listing of warnings, precautions, and adverse events.

A physician using XprESS products for Eustachian tube dilation must either (i) have experience with XprESS and be familiar with its instructions for use or (ii) undergo cadaver training on the use of this product for Eustachian tube dilation. If a physician who intends to use XprESS products for Eustachian tube dilation does not meet at least one of these criteria, please contact your Stryker representative to arrange training.